mix & match pillows



one of the easiest ways to update your space is by changing up your throw pillows.

pillows show your personality, add color and texture, tie your room together

and the best part? They’re relatively inexpensive!

vibrant pillows


mixing & matching patterns and colors may throw you a little out of your comfort zone,

so we’ve put together a little tutorial for you.

step 1: pick a color scheme.

trendy? mint, grey, coral and white

mint coral pillows


nautical? navy, yellow, gold and kelly green

navy green pillows


neutral? khaki, white, cream and brown

neutral pillows


classic? black and white

black white pillows


you get the picture, there is no limit! pick your dream scheme and run with it.

step 2: pick your fabric prints.


ikat pillow


damask pillow



floral (on sale! like for cheap!)

floral pillow


animal pillow


geometric pillow

step 3: pick your shape/size.

24×24 (large square)

18×18 (medium square)

14×7 (bolster)

14×20 (kidney)

there are tons of options out there;

purchase a couple different sizes to add dimension and height to your room.

step 4: pick your retailer.

try etsy (duh, our fave) for custom orders.

there are literally endless numbers of shops making custom pillow covers.

but if you’re looking to buy retail:


H&M Home Canvas Cushion Cover (20×20) $12.95


Society 6- Domesticate Coral Ikat Pillow Cover (various sizes)


Caitlin Wilson Textiles Mustard Fleur Chinoise Pillow (various sizes)


Walmart- Dorel Home Products Accent Pillows (set of two 18×18) $34.00

step 5: placement!

you don’t want to overwhelm your love seat with 7 pillows,

so think about whats best for you room.

if you’ve got a sectional style couch try using 3 large, 2 medium and a kidney

a traditional sofa can hold 2 large, 2 medium and a bolster or kidney

if your bed is anything like mine the more pillows the better!

I have a queen size bed with 2 euroshams, 4 standard pillows, 2 shams and 4 toss pillows.

Have fun, mix & match, and play around with different textures.

Here is a collage of my current dream color scheme. I think i see a re-dec in my near future!


1. PopOfColor (Etsy Shop) Duralee Spring Green Ikat (various sizes & prices)

2.JennMarieCo Geometric Print Pillow in Black and White (16×16 $35)

3. Pillow Decor Linen Damask Print Green Black (12×20 $44.95)



2 thoughts on “mix & match pillows

  1. I love this blog post. Such beautiful pillows. I particularly like the Pillow Decor Linen Damask pillow but the link doesn’t seem to work. Thanks for the great post.

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