Bar Cart 101


They’re the newest rage, all over Pinterest and obviously one of our favorite things: Bar Carts!

What you’ll need:

1. a cart, chest, bookcase or credenza of some sort to convert in to your bar

2. a simple tray to display your favorite beverages

3. an assortment of liquor, mixers and garnishes

4. a decanter (we love vintage!)

5. a cocktail shaker and strainer

6. barware

7. accessories- the perfect framed print, julep cup, wine stoppers and straws

Your bar cart doesn’t have to break the bank.  There are tons of affordable options:


Ikea, only $24.99! the perfect cart for a drinker on a budget

(spray paint the silver pieces before you assemble, to add your own personal touch)


Target, $129.99


zgallerie, $199.95

Your tray should be proportionate to your bar surface.  We found some affordable options for you!


zgallerie, only $12.95!square-hi-gloss-swoon-tray

cb2, $29.95

Etsy is our go-to website for all things fun! Here is a link to our favorite prints for your new bar cart:

Evelyn Henson

bar cart print

 Be sure to check out our etsy shop to see our latest finds; decanters,  julep cups and vases to come soon!

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Cheers, y’all!



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